Headache & Migraine Treatments

If you’ve ever suffered from a headache or migraine, you know right away the feelings of pain, distraction, nausea and more than can often accompany it, and since headaches can be caused by a variety of triggers – including food, environment, stress, sleep and hormonal changes – sometimes it’s hard to really tell how to fix them (more than just putting up with it, or taking medication).

There are a variety of types of headaches. The Canadian Chiropractic Association breaks them down into 4 main categories:

  1. Migraine – the cause of migraines is still unknown, but there seems to be a relationship between individual genetics and the environment. Migraines are commonly associated with triggers. These can include hormonal changes, food and additives, stress, sleep, physical and sensory factors, changes in the environment and certain medications.
  2. Cervicogenic – headache that stems from the neck or cervical spine structures. Pain can be triggered or worsened by neck movement.
  1. Tension-type – occurs due to tension in the muscles of the neck or face which produces pain. Factors associated can include stress, anxiety, eyestrain, poor posture, injuries and others.
  1. Cluster – similar to migraines, the cause of cluster headaches is unknown. It has been suggested that cluster headaches may be caused by problems in regulating temperature, blood pressure, hormones or sleep. Other causes or triggers proposed include alcohol, tobacco and drugs (e.g. nitroglycerin).

How can Wandler Chiropractic help?

We take a 3-step approach in our Headache Solution program. First, we need to determine what type of headaches you have; to be successful, you have to first know what you’re dealing with. Second, we need to determine the cause of your headaches because it is critical to get to the root of the problem and not just mask it with medications. Finally, we then come up with a solution specifically tailored to your situation.

Spinal adjustments performed by a licensed Chiropractor has been known to effectively reduce the severity and frequency of many headaches. We have a wide variety of therapeutic approaches that can help reduce or eliminate your headaches.

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  • Prepare for your Visit
    It may be helpful to keep a headache diary for your Chiropractor. This will help you to identify patterns as well as potential triggers. A headache diary should include information such as: Date, Time (start and finish), Intensity (1-10), Preceding symptoms, Potential triggers, Medication (dosage), Relief (following medication, if any).
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