Cold Laser Therapy

Experience the advanced healing cold laser therapy offers at Wandler Chiropractic Clinic.

By reducing inflammation, decreasing pain and speeding your progress, you can feel better quickly and return to your favourite activities.

Many of our patients who benefit from cold laser therapy participate in athletics such as running, volleyball, hockey and golf and have issues with joint pain and swelling int the spine, upper and lower extremities. The laser can keep swelling down and optimize performance. It can also be effective for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot and knee issues.

Headaches and TMJ (jaw) pain are also effectively treated with laser.

You don’t need to wear anything special for your appointment. We’ll provide you with a gown to change into if it is necessary. Before we begin, you and the laser tech will put on specific protective eyewear. During the laser treatment, you may feel some warmth or mild tingling but likely won’t notice anything.

Contact us today to get started or learn more about cold laser therapy in St Albert. Same day appointment times are available.

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