At Wandler Chiropractic Clinic, our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive, warm experience each time you visit us.

We focus on connecting with our patients, making you feel welcome.

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The First Visit

All chiropractic patients will experience an initial assessment before treatment. You will be asked to share information about your health, such as any injury or surgery, medications you are taking and your family health history.

The first visit will take longer than the following visits because a physical assessment will be conducted based on the reason for your visit. There may or may not be a treatment during this initial visit, depending on whether Dr. Wandler recommends further testing, such as x-rays.

We ask that you bring in your Alberta Health Care card and dress in gym attire that allows us to easily complete the examination. We Direct Bill for most insurance companies.

If you have any questions about anything during your treatment, always ask.

The Second Visit

This visit is the Report of Findings. Dr. Wandler will meet with you and you’ll go over the results of your examination. He will also make recommendations for your Care Plan. This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

We keep your follow-ups efficient, taking just 5-10 minutes. How long you want to continue care is completely up to you. Dr. Wandler will make recommendations about how to reach your goals. Most of our patients find that once they feel and function better, having periodic checkups can be beneficial in continuing to improve their quality of life.

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