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Because we are all about overall physical function, we look at the entire posture from the bottom-up. The feet are like a pedestal for everything above; if the feet are imbalanced and not working as they should, it will magnify the imbalance and dysfunction in the pelvis and spine. Sometimes our patients require custom orthotics, built specifically for them, not only to help foot and ankle issues, but knee, hip and low back instability as well. We work with The Orthotic Group, a Canadian company very well-respected for the quality of the orthotics they make.

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    It may be helpful to keep a pain diary for your Chiropractor. This will help you to identify patterns as well as potential triggers. A pain diary should include information such as: Date, Time (start and finish), Intensity (1-10), Preceding symptoms, Potential triggers, Medication (dosage), Relief (following medication, if any).
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